Peter Ndlala "The man who plays bass guitar sound like a lead guitar"!

Bassist Peter Ndlala was born in Ronderbosch in 1973 and later moved to Wynberg.He now stays in the
location called Langa and is one of the most beautifull out skirts in Cape Town.He has a unique style and sound that is so powerful and sensitive.He leads you on a musical journey that is characterised by passion.He phrases his solo's into melodies that force's you to sing along through out the night.He studied a two year course at M.A.P.P (Music Action for People's Progress.

He then started playing with the M.A.P.P jazz ensemble and went to the Guiness Jazz festival in  1992.He was later discovered by the most popular jazz legend of South Africa by the name of Winston Mankunku Ngozi.He then continued playing until he had to find himself musicaly.He is now one of the greatest composers in our generation.

Peter's  music is a combination of afro music and fusion, with a lot of influence of jazz improvasion.He has played with musicians like Winston Mankunku Ngozi,Sylvia Mdunyelwa,Rene Mclean son of the Jackie Mclean well know saxophonist during Miles Davis and John Coltrain's era.Eroll  Dyers,Judith Sephuma,Selaelo Selota,Macoy Mrubata,Szwazi Dlamini,Mimi Ntenjwa ,(Sbongile Khumalo),(Jimmy Dludlu),Khaya Mahlangu,Robbie Jansen,Bhani Rachabane,Stompie Mava,Stompie Manana,Lungiswa Plaatjies,Amampondo,Kunle Oudetao,Loading Zone,Loyiso Bala,Lira,Zama Jobe,Desmond Meyer,Maxwell Vidima,Tucan Tucan,Moreira Chonguica,HHP,Andreas Wellman,Tlale Makhene,(Ray Blue),Tshina Africa,Fitsroy Ngcukana,Ezra Ngcukana and Duke Ngcukana and the most well known R&B singer Rashaan Patterson.Peter is now a session musician who is willing to play with any one and any style of music.He plays every sundays with Acid blues in Kalk bay at the place called Brass Bell.Gig starts from 6 pm until late. 

Recordings:      Sylvia   Mdunyelwa         ''African Diva Live''

                          Kunle Oudetao                  ''Beyond the borders''
                          Selaelo Selota                     ''Painted Faces''
                          Desmond Meyer                "
                          Maxwell Vidima                ''Sagiya and 
                          Mimi      Ntenjwa               ''Escence of my soul''
                          Nkanyezi Cele                    ''Tshina Africa''
                          Jazz portie                          ''Summer in Cape Town''

International tours:       
                                         Mexico                   City
                                         France                    Nice
                                         Holland                  Amsterdam 
                                         Japan                      Tokyo
                                         Hong Kong 
                                         Cuba                       Havana
                                         Belgium                   Brussels
                                         England                  London and Potsmouth
                                         Scottland                 Edinburg and Glasgow
                                         Denmark                 Copenhagen
                                         New York               Washington D.C.
                                         Ireland                     Dublin
                                         Germany                  Berlin
National Tours"        
                                        Zimbabwe                Harare
                                        Namibia                    Windhoek
                                        Congo                        brasavil
And my most faviourate  place's,     Mozambique,Gorongoza and Beira.

Contact no:
                 Cell:+27 (21) 826760688